Slim Keg

5 • 10 • 15 • 20 L

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Slim Keg

Demande de devis

Lighter and thinner, this range has been optimized to reduce the size of the keg and facilitate handling. It is very handy and adapted to the new market needs.

With its small diameter (Ø237mm), we offer kegs ranging from 5 to 20L to allow bars and pubs to offer a wide choice of beers while ensuring the quality of the product.

  • Space-saving

  • Light

  • Anti-UV

  • No minimum quantity

  • 18 kegs per pallet on the ground

Choices can be multiple.

Quantities are multiples of 18 (ex : 18, 36, 54...) and the max quantity per pallet is 90 for the 5L and 10L, 72 for the 15L and 54 for the 20L slim.

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