Euro Keg

20 L • 30 L • 50 L

  1. eurokeg
  2. eurokeg-30L
  3. 50L eurokeg non empilable

Euro Keg

Demande de devis

Ultimate standard format, the Maisonneuve Eurokeg keg prove itself since its first manufacturing in our factory floor at the end of the 70’s.

Thanks to its “stackable” option, it is easily transportable and storable.

The 3 keg formats (20, 30 and 50L) stack up to optimize the storage and simplify handling.

  • Standard format

  • Available in stackable version

  • Anti-UV

  • No minimum quantity

  • 6 kegs per pallet on the ground

Choices can be multiple.

*If the quantity is less than 100, stackable by default.

Quantities are multiples of 6 (ex : 6, 12, 18,...) and the max quantity per pallet is 54 for the 20L, 42 for the 30L and 24 for the 50L Eurokeg stackable.

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